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Why BRICLAD pre-meshed sheets?

Why BRICLAD pre-meshed sheets?

Brick tiles have been around for many decades. But let's be honest. They are not the easiest to use.

Bricks, being a natural kiln fired product, are irregular in sizes, even in the most controlled brick factories in Australia. That makes the installation a tad difficult as it is tricky to get things to line up. Their most used bond pattern (being a running bond) adds another layer of difficulty as you need to line up vertically with a T spacer.

Brick tiles

An average wall is about 10 sqm, which is about 480 brick tiles. Yeah I know...

We sell brick singles and T spacers as they offer the flexibility required in installing on tricky surfaces, repairs, or small areas. 

But our innovative BRICLAD pre-meshed brick tiles take your installation to a whole new level. Available in both flat sheets (12 tiles per sheet for standard brick size) and corner sheets (6 corner tiles for standard brick size), you do not need to worry about spacing in between tiles. They have all been worked out for you, in any bond pattern you desire.

Brick bond patterns

Instead of trying to line up and stick each tile onto the wall, you hang the sheets onto the wall. You only need to have a horizontal guide (either in the form of a pencil line on the wall, string line, or laser line) for each row of sheets, and that's pretty much it.

Installation is at least 10 times faster when you use BRICLAD pre-meshed sheets, compared to individual brick tiles. The same goes for corner pieces.

The mesh we use is heavy duty and can withstand the self-weight of the brick tiles whilst maintaining dimensional stability.

Brick facing corners on mesh

To make life easier we also supply the appropriate tile adhesives, mortar grouts, and other tool kits. 

With BRICLAD's products, the ambiance created by a brick feature wall doesn't have to be heavy, thick, or time-consuming. Give it a go and let us see the result by tagging us on Instagram! 


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