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Limewash: it's old & it's good

Limewash: it's old & it's good

Limewash has its roots in Antiquity.

Authentic limewash material and applications on modern brick buildings are getting more and more rare. Most of the so-called limewashed brick walls, are simply bricks painted white using a normal acrylic paint. It is actually nothing like the traditional limewashed bricks.

So what is limewash?

Limewash is traditionally used as a protection coating for buildings from weather. It soon gained popularity due to its clean aesthetic appearance. Limewash uses lime as the most important ingredient in preparing the wash. It is very popular across Europe and America on prestige commercial and residential buildings.

How we do limewash

We use specifically formulated lime mixture on precut brick facings. We apply the coating by hand so they have the subtle individuality. They are then left on racks to air dry. We do full strength limewash and half strength. The full strength limewash covers the bricks underneath entirely so they have a uniform white finish. See image below (click on image to go to the product listing):

Full strength limewash is not creamy in colour. It is a potent off-white, a bit like a brand new plaster white.

We also do a very popular half strength limewash. Half strength applied to our relcaimed bricks give a unique raw character, that is simply not achievable in conventional brick finishing techniques.

half strength limewash

Our limewashed brick facings can be applied to any flat wall surfaces, interior and exterior, with little to no ongoing maintenance.



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