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How to briclad your fireplace?

How to briclad your fireplace?

The look of a traditional brick fireplace has regained popularity, even in contemporary homes these days. Whether you have a traditional wood log fireplace or a modern gas one, the brick surrounded look always creates a feature and focal point in the living space.

With a thickness of only 12-13mm, our thin brick facings give you the ultimate flexibility in finishing your fireplace. There is also no structural load requirement on foundation due to the low weight. You can also get creative with different patterns.

A common question we keep getting on this topic is: can your brick facings be used in fireplaces? 

The short answer is yes, mainly because the nature of genuine brick is that it was a fired product in its manufacturing process, so heat is generally not an issue. A contemporary enclosed fireplace with decorative brick facing cladding on the sides does not need special treatment.

However in an open fire situation, please ensure the following steps are followed:

- Mortarless laying is not allowed in an open fire situation, as heat will seep through and undermine the substrate

- Always use a fire cement in areas directly facing the open fire. Use as adhesive, as well as pointing

- If you are unsure about sealing, or the construction of the fireplace and you feel you need further advice please contact a building surveyor or builder

Brick facing singles or mesh?

- Brick facing singles give you more flexibility in patterns and blending, if required. However it is more work than meshed products, as you will need to adjust every brick gap. They are cheaper than the mesh counterparts.

Bradford sheets

- The alternative is our pre-meshed sheets. They will drastically speed up installation, and are most suited to time-poor DIYers. 


So if you are feeling adventurous, give it a go!

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