Build on the beauty of nature!

Build on the beauty of nature!

Build on the beauty of nature!

Bricks are a very popular outdoor flooring option, on patios, verandahs, and pathways in the gardens. But many people overlook the possibility of having bricks as an internal floor finish due to their clumsy weight and material depth.

brick floor finish

Well, at Briclad we give you the opportunity to create a unique chic brick finish without the associated problems!

What does internal brick flooring feel like? To put it in a very simple way, it makes you want to take off your shoes, go barefoot, let the breeze in, and enjoy the morning sun.

They are particularly suited for laundry, sunroom, entry porch, and tool shed etc. They can be laid just like ordinary tiles over a cement tile adhesive base. In our products we would recommend our Brook range and Half wash range. They have relatively flat surface (but some irregular edges), suitable for foot traffic, whilst maintaining a rustic look.

When you use brick tiles for flooring, remember the following Pros and Cons:

*Brick tiled flooring aren't likely to be 100% level. Furniture may be a bit rocky depending on your installation skills

*Brick tiles are durable and can often look ok even with a bit of rough handling and damage. As a floor finish for your workshop or man cave, they won't need a lot of upkeep and a bit of damage won't distract from the overall beauty of it.

*Brick facing tiles are made from clay and not sealed. They are not suitable for wet areas without proper sealing.

As always, experiment and enjoy!

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