Gunmetal blue - Brick Tiles Brick Facings
Gunmetal blue - Brick Tiles Brick Facings
Gunmetal blue - Brick Tiles Brick Facings

Gunmetal blue - Brick Tiles Brick Facings


Price is for 1sqm (48 pcs)      

Colour and shape variations

C2 S1 (what is this?)


10 weeks lead time


Our Gunmetal Blue Dark Brown Brick Tiles are renowned for their distinctive granular patina and refined charm. These tiles are highly acclaimed by designers for setting a new benchmark in design and quality. The sharp edges and intrinsic character of each tile, combined with the unique clay hues, create the captivating gunmetal blue and dark brown shades that define this collection.

Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, these brick tiles offer a refined blend of contemporary style and timeless elegance. The deep, rich tones and smooth surface make them an excellent choice for adding depth and sophistication to any space, whether used for accent walls, flooring, or other architectural features.

Enhance your design with the unmatched beauty and craftsmanship of our Gunmetal Blue Dark Brown Brick Tiles, where every tile tells a story of artistry and elegance.


Brick singles (sold per sqm):

230mm(L) x 76mm(W) x 12mm thick

*48 pcs required based on a traditional 10-12mm mortar grout

Pre-meshed in Stretcherbond pattern:

Each sheet has 3 pieces per row, 4 rows

Covers 1sqm per box

Each sqm weighs approximately 26.5kg

Corners are manually jointed


Walls, floors, splashbacks (use sealant if appropriate), fireplace surround, exterior wall, hospitality, commercial.


For wet applications, specific waterproofing precautions need to taken such as using a waterproof membrane under the tile and use of a penetrating sealer. Not recommended for areas in constant water contact such as shower walls or a pool.