London Halfwash
London Halfwash
London Halfwash

London Halfwash


Price is for 1sqm (48 pcs)        ORDER A SAMPLE HERE

Current lead time

Lead time applies (1 week)

Colour and shape variations

C3 S2 (what is this?)

About this range

"The times, they are a changin" and London Halfwash is hot on its heels. This brick tile blend is perfect for someone looking for that modern washed, low saturated look but without sacrificing the brick texture. With a blend of red, brown, and cream undertones, this brick tile will survive the fashion scene for years to come whilst still keeping up with the designs of the past.

Nominal sizes

Brick singles:

Irregular sizes but on average 235mm(L) x 74-75mm(W) x 15mm thick

*48 pcs required based on a traditional 10-11mm mortar grout

 **For all custom layout, please contact us directly before ordering.

Suitable usage

Walls, splashbacks (use sealant if appropriate), fireplace surround, exterior wall, hospitality, commercial.


For wet applications, specific waterproofing precautions need to taken such as using a waterproof membrane under the tile and use of a penetrating sealer. Not recommended for areas in constant water contact such as shower walls or a pool.